We offer you the best hardware solutions for your betting business!

With Betomat terminals and their easy handling, you offer your clients an attractive option for placing bets. The extravagant design, in combination with state of the art hardware, will convince you too.


Offer your customers an independent betting system that unifies the complete variety based on a big and practical touch display. And the good news for all shop managers: The whole process works without any additional expenses!
Our Webtouch display is mounted on the wall in a way that is easy to access and your customers can conveniently swipe their coupons or customer cards by themselves by a barcode scanner attached below. The Webtouch display provides your customers more opportunity of betting service. It means a noticeable burden relief for your cash register, because a time-consuming bet placement procedure is carried out on the Webtouch display and you can accept considerably more tickets in total. Loading of the card takes place at the counter or at one of our terminals.
Upon request, you can also order a ticket printer which could be attached to the Webtouch display. Yet, this is not absolutely essential, because bets are placed via the customer card and all placed bets are registered on each customer account automatically thanks to our software. Also when a bet is placed and printed out by the counter, your customers can swipe their coupons trouble-free by the Webtouch System and pursue their betting status and course of the game.

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